About Us


Dee Taylor, Owner & “Queen Bee”
HI Everyone! My name is Dee. I am an ambitious, social media manager and digital strategist.  I am adamant about helping businesses and entrepreneurs build their brands and get their names recognized. I have worked as an administrative professional in both the private and public sectors for almost 20 years. Over three years ago, I began working as a freelancing, social media manager as a hobby and to supplement my income. What started out as “just for fun” has turned into a desire to be the best, social media manager I can be. And with that desire became the creation of BeSocial Media Management. Today, my mission is to provide every organization, every startup, every “one man show”  the same opportunity.  Every organization deserves brand recognition and profitability. Thank you SO much for taking the time to drop by “my hive”.  “BEE well”…


The Dynamic “Worker Bees”
We are a very, small but wildly creative swarm of amazing, independent, professionals.  We specialize in everything from photo editing to ad campaigns.  Simply put, we LOVE what we do. And what is that? We provide quality, reliable social media content and strategies to businesses. Our team provides “un-BEElievable” social media packages across the most, popular platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.


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