Did you know that a recent poll of over 250 small business owners and entrepreneurs showed that they DREAD handling their social media??
"If given an unlimited budget, which function of your business would you most likely outsource?"

...and the results were:

  1. Social media - 28.57%
  2. Other - 25.11%
  3. Public Relations - 19.91%
  4. Sales - 16.45% and
  5. Customer Service - 9.96%

That's right!  A whopping 1 in 3 business owners would rather outsource their social media than to do it themselves.  GOOD NEWS!  Now you can outsource your social media duties and you won't need an unlimited budget to get it done!

Are you the "Queen Bee" in your field but the world doesn't know it?  Are you an up and coming organization of "killer bees" who are blazing trails but no one notices?  Are you the consummate "worker bee" who has no spare time to market and get your brand recognized?

BeSocial Media Management is a small, social media marketing agency that provides monthly, consistent social media services to businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.  BeSocial Media Management is based in Houston and offer services nationally and worldwide.

About Us


Dee Taylor, Owner & “Queen Bee”
HI Everyone! My name is Dee. I am an ambitious, social media manager and digital strategist.  I am adamant about helping businesses and entrepreneurs build their brands and get their names recognized. I have worked as an administrative professional in both the private and public sectors for almost 20 years. Over three years ago, I began working as a freelancing, social media manager as a hobby and to supplement my income. What started out as “just for fun” has turned into a desire to be the best, social media manager I can be. And with that desire became the creation of BeSocial Media Management. Today, my mission is to provide every organization, every startup, every “one man show”  the same opportunity.  Every organization deserves brand recognition and profitability. Thank you SO much for taking the time to drop by “my hive”.  “BEE well”…


The Dynamic “Worker Bees”
We are a very, small but wildly creative swarm of amazing, independent, professionals.  We specialize in everything from photo editing to ad campaigns.  Simply put, we LOVE what we do. And what is that? We provide quality, reliable social media content and strategies to businesses. Our team provides “un-BEElievable” social media packages across the most, popular platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.


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Content and Curation

Our main goal is to increase your standing as a “Subject Matter Expert”.  We provide ongoing content distribution by various methods including Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, blog posts, etc.  We create social media content that will help you own, control and protect your online reputation.  Receipt of social media updates via effective, social media tools on one or more of your designated platforms.  Our content creation services include, but not limited to:  social media posts, blog posts, images, graphics and video uploads.  We are committed to providing quality content and imaging services to all of wonderful clients.

Engagement & Monitoring

Another aspect of the services we provide is engagement and monitoring of your platforms.  It is not enough to provide content if you can’t provide feedback and engagement with your public.  Once your audience is engaged, we will do our best to maintain their attention.  We will treat your community as if they are family and friends.  We provide continuous, eye catching information, links to your product and your sales pages.  Keeping your public engaged and your online presence active is crucial.

Blogging/Blog Management

A successful, social media marketing campaign includes a blog.  A blog allows your audience to truly invest in your brand.  When you add blog entries, you  recruit your audience into your biggest advocates.   Our services will market your content to many curious yet enlightened readers.  BeSocial Media Management provides expert content and professional management of your blog.  We will carefully manage your blog, respond appropriately and share targeted materials to your platforms.  Rest assured, you will have “buzzing” content on your website that is guaranteed to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Social Promotions, Contests, Coupons and Apps

Our team will set up Facebook Ads (PPC) by using your core audience information.  We will then send them directly to your website or back to your Facebook page.


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one in seven rule
When using social media, many realize using the “one in seven rule” in business is vital.  Before we go further, the “one in seven rule” is a strategy used in social media where approximately one in seven of your posts overtly promote your business or brand.  Let’s face it; no one wants to be knocked over the head with aggressive, sales lingo.  Your customer wants to get to know you before they are comfortable giving you
content is king

Content Curation: What Is it?

In the world of social media, content curation is an essential tool for those who are trying to convey strong, thought provoking messages to their readers.  Everyone involved in this market have the same goal with content curation.   Find the right material and harness it into reader’s gold.  What is content curation, you may ask?  Simply, it’s the process of finding large quantities of content on the Internet and analyzing the data in a thoughtful