Is Instagram Dominating Twitter?

instagram kicking twitter

Is Instagram dominating Twitter?  Well, according to a recent study by a prominent source, the answer to that question is apparently, yes.  The emergence of more and more sites embedding Instagram posts and widgets have exploded.  It’s obvious that these Instagram posts and widgets are surpassing Twitter posts and tweets as time goes along.  The tool used to come up with this analysis that Instagram has gained dominion over Twitter is based on certain benchmarks, such as global traffic, branding information, e-commerce sites and publisher feedback, to name a few.  There are many new changes with Instagram that can be attributed to this new dominance.  One of those new changes is Instagram’s decision to move toward a more algorithmic feed. 

The focus for that move is to allow their users to see posts based upon ranking of interest.  There are other developments with Instagram that is not so easily explained for their power surge.  The newly, devised strategy of companies embedding their Instagram posts on their websites is one instance of this new growth.  It is believed that this tactic was used to ensure increased, audience numbers and to guarantee themselves a place on their consumer’s feeds.  Or so, that was the intention.  Initially, very little increase in traffic resulted with this strategy but over time, the numbers have improved drastically for this social media platform.  By the end of 2016, the popular platform’s population has exploded to 600 million people.

  Whether it was the embedding of posts or widgets, the new algorithms for posts and widgets or anything in between, this new surge has quietly surpassed Twitter posts and hashtags.  In fact, as of May 2016, the number of sites featuring Instagram posts and widgets jumped by 77 percent monthly.  In the earliest stages of 2016, Twitter began leading Instagram in the number of sites that embedded their posts and social buttons for following. 

Surprisingly, it surged to a whopping 308 percent which moved them ahead of Twitter. In that same time period, Twitter expanded to just 36 percent.   Bottom line, social media and its various platforms change, expand and start anew regularly.  It’s an exciting time for social media and for businesses that use them wisely. 

“Till next time all you busy bees!