Reputation Management When Using Twitter

Reputation Management when using Twitter can be extremely tricky, if not handled properly.  Twitter has now become one of the most popular platforms used right now for businesses.  It has the ability to reach millions of people at different times of the day or night and in rapid sequence. has put out a blog post recently that has successfully explained the danger zones of reputation management on Twitter.

As mentioned in the article entitled, “How to Monitor and Fix Your Reputation on Twitter”, a common occurrence regarding this subject is that negative reviews of a brand or product is rampant.  Quite frankly, it can be much more common to get a negative review than a positive one.  You could be doing a great job in your industry for years and may have suffered a minor setback or two and it could potentially damage your reputation immediately.  Negative reviews regarding your product or brand can be disastrous.  Lukewarm reviews that are considered “normal” or “average” can also be a repellant to many consumers as well.

Once you’ve established that you may have a reputation issue, it is recommended that further steps need thoughtful consideration.  Be forewarned, reputation management can be costly and time consuming.  And as this wonderful post states, you will need to “determine if your reputation is actually bad enough to warrant management in the first place.”  Be mindful of the comments that are given under your posts.  Be thoughtful and proactive when responding to any comments that your audience has made on your timelines.  The first recommendation is to give your page a low level scan to ascertain if you have more negative than positive reviews.

After that has been established, you will be able to determine if reputation management is warranted.  Start with simple, social alerts that will notify you whenever your brand or product is mentioned.  If you need help with your online reputation, there are many economical tools that should be able to help you.  Reputation management is something many companies dread but it can definitely repair your brand’s image.

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